donation policy:

Money donated will be used only for legal fees and expenses* related to the prosecution of civil actions against locksmith scammers in Arizona and if successful, branching out nationwide.

A strict accounting will be kept of the origin of all donations.

If a sufficient amount of money is received, it is my intention to abandon my "pro-per" (by myself) status and hire an attorney that would be much more competent than I. 

If somehow large amounts of money come in, I intend to make it my mission to take this fight nationwide. As I told the ALOA board of directors "We have 5000 members. If ALOA assessed each member a one time $100 surcharge we would have a 1/2 $MILLION$ legal fund." 
That would be my goal. 

In the event that we (I + y'all) ultimately prevail and recover attorneys fees, costs, or significant money damages we intend to return donated funds to their original source.

If we make some recovery not equivalent to the sum total of the donations received, each donor will be refunded the pro-rated share of the recovered funds. 

I am not doing this because I want to make a lot of money suing people, I'm doing this to protect unsuspecting consumers from scammers engaging in consumer fraud and to help the locksmiths that have lost a lot of money losing business to these outfits with hundreds to thousands of telephone numbers and to help the locksmith community regain its "HONORED" status that has been, and continues to be tarnished by these scammers invading our industry as well as others.

If you are in a position to help in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. If you read all the papers in the case you'll discover that I'm by no means rich or really even getting by very well.

Have a GREAT DAY and thanks for your support!

Charles "Locksmith Charley Eastwood, CRL
Member of Associated Locksmiths of America


*expenses include incidental expenses such as photo copies, parking, fuel for travel to court, service of papers, subpoena fees, witness fees, etc. 
Expenses will not include such things as Ruth's Chris lunches or dinners, Caribbean cruises, vacations, or any other extravagant crap.