888-505-5828    602-714-2559                           (9/5/2015)    "866-777-1429"   24/7 Locksmith Phoenix, Tempe


See the 6/27/2013Phoenix 3 On Your Side    Then in 8/2015 with Skye Johnson....








AMI HANAN             4712 E. LONE CACTUS DR., Phoenix AZ 85050



What they didn't show is that a Google search of the toll free phone number 888-505-5828
returns the guy's website - and at the bottom of the website
 is an address - 5100 N. 24th St. Phoenix, AZ. 85016 - except that address is the home of...
 Biltmore Assisted Living! Interesting.... 

Do you suppose he's running service calls in his wheelchair?


5100 N. 24th St. Phoenix, AZ. 85016



6991 E. Camelback Rd. Scottsdale AZ

The phony Saguaro listing shown in the TV Video shows a number that was originally for "TRUST LOCKSMITH",
an entity sued by Locksmith Charley in 2010.

I don't THINK there is a locksmith at that address....  I've been wrong before...




That is 2 IMMEDIATELY CLEAR violations of A.R.S. 44-1221






848.00 times  9.3% = 78.86 - that means that 100% of the bill was materials?   Labor was free?

There is no sales tax on labor in Arizona. And if this happened after 6/1 the rate dropped to 8.05%




This is the best I could make the picture of the invoice from the video...

I did scratch out her Driver's License number.

No "NEW CUSTOMER" discount for Ms. Anderson

Am I reading the invoice incorrectly or is the service call being billed $40.00 higher than the $15.00 advertised on his website?






Here is what was filed with the state.... I noticed right off that there is no "FIRST" on his shirt logo and that there is no "365" in his state filings...






Y'all can apparently find him HERE
Looks like a lovely house!






















UPDATE 9/5/2015 - 866-777-1429

See the 8/2015    Phoenix 3 On Your Side video on YouTube


A few weeks ago I got a call from one of the 3 on your side producers asking me
How can we find out who is the owner of 24/7 Locksmith?"

I replied "E-mail me all the info you have and I'll see what I can find." I was sent the original invoice with the company name hand-written on the top of the generic office supply store bill book (below) and the detail section of Skye Johnson's bank statement. On the bank statement was:



Imagine my surprise when I googled the number 888-505-5828 and the first item on GOOGLE's list was THIS PAGE on MY SITE!



I got to tell the "3 On Your Side" producer "Y'all get to catch this guy AGAIN!" 




The way this story goes is like this...

Skye Johnson was playing softball in Tempe, managed to get her keys locked inside the vehicle, and her mom called "24/7 Locksmith" and arranged for them to come out and open Sky's vehicle for $55.00, a completely reasonable price. The so-called locksmith hand-wrote his company name and phone number on the form,  wrote in the detail section "Service call  $55.00", had Ms. Johnson fill out the rest of the invoice and sign this invoice
and sign a blank credit card imprinting slip.

NEVER NEVER NEVER sign a blank
credit card imprinting slip!

The bank will decline your charge-back no matter how fraudulent because "Well they had a signature..."

Victim Skye Johnson






In 2009-2010 I provided the Arizona Attorney General's office with a lot of evidence that they completely ignored.

I offered to work in their office or with their staff as an investigator, researcher, paralegal, or whatever they might need to help them uncover this substantial vast ongoing pattern of consumer fraud in Arizona - they refused my help. 

In the case I filed in 2010 against "Atlas Locksmith Solutions" we discovered and obtained evidence that Kobi had acquired 115 telephone numbers and on a spreadsheet he assigned different phony* addresses to each of the telephone numbers, then multiplied those number/addresses times 10 columns of different company names in order to saturate the internet and print media with 1,150 directory listings.  Why the Attorney General or any other local prosecutor could be bothered to prosecute these criminal violations of ARS 44-1221 is beyond my comprehension.

*My definition of "phony address" is an address that either does not physically exist or exists but where there has never been a locksmith location.


The most recent communication I have had from the Arizona Attorney General's office as of 9/1/2017 is almost 7 years ago....


What do you say A.G. Brnovich, do you suppose maybe we can get Ami Hanan INDICTED for consumer fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, theft by deception, or some other serious crime?  

Inquring minds wanna know!